Keep your electricals safe and sound whatever the weather with DRiBOX.

DRiBOX is the easiest, most efficient way to keep your outdoor electricals safe from the elements. Invented in 2008, the DRiBOX was designed to securely house plugs for outdoor Christmas lights. Today, it’s a global brand used by customers all across the world to keep their electricals safe and dry.

Its simplistic, easy to use design combined with innovative technology means that the DRiBOX keeps its contents dry, regardless of the weather. Available in three different sizes in either green or black, the DRiBOX is ideal for both domestic and larger commercial purposes alike, so you can rest easy knowing DRiBOX has you – and your electricals – covered.

Where to use DRiBOX

Simple, portable, and incredibly versatile, you can use DRiBOX across an array of applications to protect your electrical equipment.



Ideal for extension cables and gardening electricals.

Pond and Aquatics

Ponds and Aquatics

Completely waterproof to keep your cables dry.

Christmas Lighting

Christmas or Garden Lighting

Perfect for domestic and commercial displays alike.

DIY and Building

DIY and Building

Keep your building equipment safe whatever the weather.

What size of DRiBOX do you need?

DRiBOX is a heavy duty, durable weatherproof box that’s available in three different sizes – small, medium, and large. What size you need depends on what your intentions are, and how many electrical appliances you intend to use.