Keep your electricals safe and sound whatever the weather

IP55 rated, the DRiBOX was designed specifically to keep cables and extensions safe and tidy all year round. The box itself is made from heavy duty plastic and the lid features patented and innovative UV and waterproof seals which mold seamlessly around cables and wires when closed.

The simple yet effective hinged lock mechanism and resilient silicone seal makes it perfect for protecting extension leads, timers, and other multi-socket accessories.


IP55 rated – The IP55 rating means that your extensions and connections are securely protected and sealed from the elements and foreign bodies such as dirt, dust, and moisture.

Resilient silicone seal – A flexible silicone seal sits around the lid and within the box to perfectly molds around cables and sockets to secure them in place, meaning there’s no risk of movement or leakage.

Simple hinged clamp – Opens and closes effortlessly. Place your connectors and cables within the DRiBOX and clamp the lid shut for a reliable, airtight seal.

Umbrella design – Designed with an overhanging lipped lid specifically to prevent water from leaking into the box’s interior.

Heavy duty material – The DRiBOX is made from secure, heavy-duty plastic that can withstand temperatures of up to 60°c and down to -35°c, making it ideal for all weather conditions.

Additional security measures included – Every DRiBOX comes with additional safety features and includes a cable tie, to allow you to secure the lid shut, and clip in cable guides, to sit within the rubber seals for extra security measures.

The simplicity is in the detail.

Secure, durable, and completely portable, the DRiBOX is available in three sizes in either green or black to sit seamlessly within your garden and is perfect for protecting and disguising unsightly wires and cables within your outdoor space.

See the specification for each in the product specification table.

Included in the box:

One DRiBOX in your designated size.
Two cable ties.
Two cable clips.

Product Specification

Colour Black or Green
Internal Dimensions 200mm (L) x 111mm (W) x 94mm (H)
IP Rating IP55
Material Plastic (body), silicone (seal)
Weight 290g

Simple yet effective, our smallest DRiBOX comes with one input and one output channel, making it ideal for smaller projects where only one power cable or connector is needed.

Colour Black or Green
Internal Dimensions 280mm (L) x 148mm (W) x 110mm (H)
IP Rating IP55
Material Plastic (body), silicone (seal)
Weight 520g

With one input channel and four output channels, a 4-gang extension lead can fit seamlessly into our medium sized DRiBOX. There’s plenty of room within the body of the box to house up four connection cables at once.

Colour Black or Green
Internal Dimensions 330mm (L) x 230mm (W) x 140mm (H)
IP Rating IP55
Material Plastic (body), silicone (seal)
Weight 1500g

Much larger in comparison to other current models available on the market, our large DRiBOX houses enough space for your circular electrical reels, connectors, and timers. The large DRiBOX comes with one input channel and four output channels making it perfect for larger projects requiring more connections.