DRiBOX™ is a proud member of an associated group including Disklok™ (1988), Festive Lights™ (1999) and MiRider™ (2019).

Our Story

In 1988, owner and founder Mark Higginson invented the Disklok™, the UK’s strongest steering wheel lock. Whilst developing this revolutionary car security lock, Mark received a bundle of Christmas lights, and in 1999, Festive Lights™ group was formed.

Mark met and spoke with many returning customers over the years and found that the lights were a huge success, but quickly realised they struggled to find ways to protect their connections from the elements.

Keen to solve the problem, Mark set to work and in 2008, DRiBOX™ became the solution our customers were looking for. Customers discarded the flimsy bin bags previously used to protect their plugs and instead opted for DRiBOX™; a weatherproof box specifically designed to house electrical connections outdoors.

Now, 15 years on, the DRiBOX™ has become a staple, cost-effective way of protecting electrical connections in both domestic and commercial settings. Used across the globe, DRiBOX™ is now the number 1 best-seller for outdoor electrical power enclosures on Amazon.

These boxes are just brilliant.

Ed / 2nd July 2022

An excellent waterproof box with plenty of room to terminate all your festive lights in.

Michael / 9th December 2022

Ideal for outdoor seasonal lighting and will be good for the summer barbeque when the weather improves.

Chris / 18th December 2022